Untold Story by Monica Ali

Untold Story by Monica Ali is a tale of ‘What if?’ What if princess Diana hadn’t died in that accident in the tunnel in Paris? What if she’d decided to fake her own death later on, running away to midwestern America, creating a quiet, new identity for herself after undergoing cosmetic surgery? What if a paparazzi hadn’t accidentally come through her little town of Kensington, choosing it for probably the very same reasons she did?

While I’ve read a few fictional ‘what if’ stories with strong, believable storylines and alternate realities, I did find myself not finding this particular ‘what if’ very plausible, maybe because the point the story converged differed greatly compared to what happened in reality. That is not to say that I didn’t enjoy Untold Story. In fact I actually did, very much. The story was well written and intriguing throughout, and one can’t help but feel Lydia’s turmoil as she finds herself facing the one person who could undo everything, especially the daily sacrifice she she makes everyday, tormenting over the loss of her children. One can’t help but feel that even if her truth were to come out, things would not go well and would drive her to the brink of… what… really taking her own life perhaps?

In the book, things sort themselves out when she puts a little trust in the close circle of friends she has built, willing to accept who she is even though her past still remains her secret. Even then, the book still leaves us with an unanswered question… what happens next?

Definitely worth the read.

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