Under the Dome

Two years ago I wrote about Under the Dome, and now I’m writing about it again as a final adieu to yet another sci-fi series that bites the dust. Based on Stephen King’s novel, I suppose it was a matter of time before we got to the end of the story. I didn’t read the book, so I can’t say for sure if it did, but I do find myself curious to find out. I haven’t read a King novel in at least a decade, and if I come across this very hefty tome, I just may bring it home with me.

Lasting only three seasons, Under the Dome was able to wrap-up most of the questions raised throughout the show, although it also left many unanswered, especially towards the end. Is the continuation part of the novel? Or does the book leave it hanging that way too? Will things take place outside the dome in another separate series? And if it does, will we get to watch it?

While I did find the story intriguing and mysterious, I must admit things felt a little bit plastic (aka fake) as the series progressed. The acting, in particular, was either too much or not enough, as if the actors weren’t able to find that sweet spot that made their characters realistic. And so, no neatly wrapped up ending aside, I find myself somewhat unsatisfied that the series is over, and that it didn’t really get to reach its full potential.

Well. I guess I’ll just have to read the book and hope it’ll be way better than the series, and knowing King, even though it’s been awhile, it will be.

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