The Year I met You by Cecelia Ahern

After a few mediocre Cecilia Ahern reads, I feel she has redeemed herself somewhat with The Year I met You. I say somewhat because it’s not exactly 100% Ahern magic of old, but it was still a read I quite enjoyed compared to One Hundred Names or How to Fall in Love.

All of Cecilia Ahern’s books deal with self-growth in a sense, and The Year I met You is no different. Jasmine is on a one year gardening leave after getting fired from her job and finds herself bored, angry and at a loss at what to do. She focuses her agitation on her neighbour Matt, a famous and controversial radio deejay who has earned her ire and mistrust from an airing several years ago.

But even though this book focuses on the relationship between Jasmine and Matt – who is the ‘you’ referred to in the book title – it is not a romantic one and I, for one, am glad for that. While there is a little romance to be had in the book, it’s not between the two of them. Instead, what we see is an unusual sort of support and friendship as Jasmine learns to let go of her preconceptions.

I admit it did take awhile for this book to get going. Initially, it felt more like a one-sided diatribe as all we read was of Jasmine’s thoughts about this and that or that. It’s only when she starts interacting with different prominent characters that the story really starts to get going. I also liked that Jasmine is a bit of a train wreck in denial and that she finally learns to take things as they come in the end, even if she hasn’t gotten it all figured out.

So if you’re a fan of Ahern who has put her aside, this might be one to get you reading her books again. If you haven’t read any of her books but like easy to read books with some emotion involved, then this is not a shabby place to start your foray into this author’s work. I’m still waiting for her to (re)make magic though.

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