The Long War by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

Having been quite enthralled at the idea of multi-worlds accessible through a ‘step’ in The Long Earth, I found the second novel in this series, The Long War, just ok to be honest. To me the book felt more like a transition story between the first and third novels, with not all that much going on and certainly no actual ‘war’ to speak of. Sure, there’s the trolls stepping away, Valhalla’s declaration, the world of sentient beagles, a Chinese twain making it to world 20 million or so, but nothing that really makes an impact or is the focal point of the whole book, and nothing that really connects one incident to another. Maybe it’ll all come together later, but there really should have been something stronger to keep the interest of one who may not be the hugest fan of Terry Pratchett or Stephen Baxter. Thankfully, I am a fan of the late Pratchett, and will devour all his books regardless. Let’s hope the third book in the series is better.

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