The Long Utopia by Terry Pratchett & Stephen Baxter

The Long Utopia carries on the style and story of its predecessors, with stories of The Long Earth told through different perspectives, although this time, the first half of the book is dominated by historic tales of Joshua’s ancestor, Luis Valiente, ‘waltzing’ away in 1800s London. As well as Agnes and George/Lobsang, trying to make a normal life for themselves in one of the stepwise worlds.

The Next, too, are back. A little older and still thinking they are the wiser. While in Agnes and Lobsang’s world, the discovery of beetle-men with silver appendages and human-like masks, as well as the ability to step *elsewhere* besides East and West, has got them feeling that something is not quite right with that world.

As it turns out, it wasn’t.

Despite the smaller cast and more focused storyline, and perhaps because of it, The Long Utopia is my favourite out of all The Long Earth series so far. The ending, too, ends differently to the other novels, in a way that is both sad, but necessary.

There’s only one book left in this series, and it is one I look forward to savouring and enjoying before I bid the Long Earth goodbye.

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