The Greatest Showman (2017)

Well that was a breathtaking (and somewhat teary-eyed) fun!

Based on the life, ambitions and success of Phineas Taylor Barnum, probably the most famous circus purveyor that ever did live, The Greatest Showman was indeed grand and captured the magic of what Barnum brought to his audiences, with an extra layering of polish and special effects on the top. Obviously, what with this being a musical and a movie after all, the story itself was undoubtedly a simplification and dramatisation of bits of Barnum’s life. Perhaps he wasn’t as poor as he was made out to be, and perhaps he really was in it for the money as opposed to equal opportunity, and perhaps there was no faux-romance scandal with Jenny Lind (although they did part ways during the tour), but that doesn’t mean the movie isn’t worth watching, as long as you enjoy it as is and don’t expect it to be historically accurate. After all, I doubt the real life Barnum broke into song as he made deals and whatnot.

Story aside, part of the appeal is definitely the visual feast. I can only imagine how beautiful this movie would have been on the big screen. But I was still taken by it all despite the small airplane screen and its constraints. Maybe I should watch this on a bigger tv screen one day, if only to experience the visual effects.

And heck, some of the songs weren’t all that bad either.

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