The Familiar volume 2: Into the Forest by Mark Z Danielewski

The Familiar volume 2: Into the Forest pretty much continues where volume 1 left off, with Xander rescuing the kitten and me not quite remembering where the rest of the story was heading.

The same characters are still there in volume two (at least, I think so), including the Singaporean guy who probably speaks some of the worst Singlish I’ve ever heard. As far as I can tell, the story in volume 2 revolves around an orb, drugs sold in balloons (pink being the main colour, I think), and Xander. Her story with that of her family comes together clearest, seeing as we hear three voices as opposed to one for all the other disjointed voices in the book. Some of these stray voices seem to be coming together though, but the threads are still too loose to come to any conclusions.

If anything, that is probably the reason why I’ll continue reading The Familiar for now anyway. I want to see how Danielewski ties up the knots, weaving one story from the many. Of course, here’s to hoping The Familiar actually does that by the end of however many volumes it’s supposed to be!

I would say though that volume 2 has a more cliffhanger style ending. While it’s not by the edge of my seat, it certainly has me curious to find out what will happen next. Overall though, the story kind of plods along at its somewhat slow, steady pace.

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