The Explorers Guild volume 1 by Jon Baird & Kevin Costner

Well, that was an epic novel. Half graphic novel and half ‘regular’ novel, The Explorers Guild volume 1 is an undoubtedly ambitious book. If I was to categorize this in some sort of genre, adventure would probably be it – a historical adventure with a sci-fi-esque twist. There’s an Indiana Jones vibe about it, and I couldn’t help feel that this would be pretty cool on the big screen.

Clocking in at a whopping 700+ pages, the story centres less on what the Explorers Guild is up to and more on them telling the story of Major Ogden and his renegade dragoons, on a mission set forth by his brother (who happens to be a member of the Guild). Truth be told the story seems to take you back to the very beginning, or at least to the start of a beginning, and then it winds its way slowly across the world.

The Explorers Guild volume 1 is long-winded, but, perhaps, purposely so, as it illustrates, to a certain degree, the passage of time it takes Ogden and his men to work their way by land, and sea, then air and the hidden subterranean waterways of the world to reach their destination. But this isn’t just a story of Ogden and his dragoons. It is also one about little Bertram, and Mr Sloan, and even Miss Harrow. And of the man who is an island. It is also the story of what seems to be the main plot of it all, but may end up just being a ruse. Sure, this tale could have been told in significantly less time, but truth be told, I didn’t mind the journey at all.

And just as you’re getting worried that the already long story will not end here but continue on into volume 2, it does end quickly and swiftly and perhaps the only way it can. But what will volume 2 bring? Will it still be of Ogden and his men? Or perhaps Corporal Buchan? I have no idea, but I do hope the series continues as I am quite keen to see what possibly more epic exploration it will take us on next.

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