The Beach (2000)

Gosh Leonardo was young when he made this movie. Or at least he looked super young. It was released 18 years ago after all and it took me that long to finally get around to watching it. And truth be told, had Fuzz decided not to Netflix it, I probably would have happily continued living my life not watching it.

The Beach is, I suppose, pretty typical thematically for movies released in the early 2000s. Young man goes to Thailand in search of all those stereotypical Thai pleasures. I feel kinda bad for the country because that still seems to be the vibe these Hollywood type movies like to portray when it comes to Thailand – that whole party, sex and drugs scene. And while those bits do exist, they definitely aren’t an accurate representation of what this country is all about!

And as for the movie? It’s alright. Kind of too trippy and drug-headed for the likes of me. Maybe I would have thought different if I had seen it in 2000, but I guess we’ll never know.

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