Tell-All by Chuck Palahniuk

Chuck Palahniuk’s last few books have kind of been hit or miss for me. Thankfully, I quite enjoyed Tell-All, a book that takes place in the golden age of Hollywood and tells us all the woes and apparent whims of Hollywood glam star, Katherine Kenton.

Told in the stylistics of a cinematic scene setting, from the viewpoint of Kenton’s not-maid, not-assistance, not-manager Hazie Coogan, the story is an intriguing tale of Katherine and her past loves, including her most recent, whom she discovers is trying to kill her and publish a tell-all autobiography. How will Katherine and Hazie thwart his attempts?

What I find most impressive about Tell-All though is the name dropping. Palahniuk must have done some in-depth research or have an encyclopaedic knowledge of Hollywood stars of the time to name so many of them (only a tiny bit of which I recognized). Plus, the book gets an extra point for randomly mentioning Malaysia. There were also a lot of interesting observations and quotes, almost all of them tied up to the core of the story so not quite something I could extract on its own to add to my collection. Maybe I’ll do a bit of Googling just to see if I missed out on any gems.

All in all, an enjoyable read.

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