Super Clean Super Foods by Fiona Hunter & Caroline Bretherton

I generally don’t expect much from coffee table books. They’re made to be visually pleasing with some information, but apart from the pretty pictures, they don’t typically make for the best reads.

So, I was surprisingly pleased with the contents and information contained within Super Clean Super Foods and the way they made super foods so much more accessible to a wider audience. One no longer needs to be a vegan health freak to incorporate super foods into our diets, although admittedly some ingredients may be more accessible in some countries compared to others.

I am sure there are a lot of other super foods out there that didn’t make it to the list of 90 showcased here, but with a finite number of pages, I think the authors did a good job in including some of the most ‘super’ as well as the most familiar. Super Clean Super Foods is one of those books I will actually leave on my coffee table so I can look through it every once in awhile as a reminder and for ideas of what to eat when I’m feeling stumped.

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