Sketching Type by Lee Suttey

I was gifted Lee Suttey’s Sketching Type perhaps due to my interest in calligraphy. While the book doesn’t actually cover calligraphy, it is an interesting exercise book if you’re ever interested in developing your own sketched typography. It is by no means a technical book for developing your own type, neither does it cover the in-depth history of certain types of type, but it does makes for a good starting point especially if you’re just beginning.

About 3/4 of the book are pages meant for drawing and scribbling on, so the reading is actually very easy going. It only took me only a couple of days to finish this and to be honest, if I had sat down properly and gone through it all, I would have finished it in a couple of hours tops.

Of course, I didn’t complete any exercises, nor do I plan to at this point. While I do like typography, I am not yet interested in developing my own type. But this book is definitely worth checking out if you are.

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