Ralph Breaks the Internet (2018)

I did not properly watch the first Wreck it Ralph movie except for some bits and pieces that made its way to me somehow, and honestly, that provided sufficient background information for watching Ralph Breaks the Internet, especially considering most of the story takes place in the ‘Internet’.

Vanellope’s game is broken, and the only way they can find a rare replacement part is to get it off ebay, and so Ralph and Vanellope head off into the newly installed WiFi to find it. Getting the spare part was easy enough, especially since all they needed to bid for it was throw in bigger numbers. The fun begins when they find out they have to pay for it with actual dollars.

Overall the movie was ok, but what was fun about it was the visualization of so many familiar internet ‘things’, like search bars, pop-ups, the Amazon mall and more. And while the movie did have some

pretty hilarious bits, the surprise scenes during the end credits are definitely worth waiting for!

Fun for the whole family.

Unless they have absolutely no clue about the internet!

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