Postermania XXVI by Poster Auctions International Inc

Postermania XXVI is less coffee table book and more catalogue for a (very large) collection of antique and vintage posters being auctioned off. That said, I found the information about each poster very interesting, and you could really tell (and learn) how posters were rightful works of art way back then compared to the posters we produce en masse digitally nowadays.

I initially bought this book for my office library, but since we’re wrapping up the business I decided to keep it for myself. Not in book form though, because I’m not enough of a poster aficionado to want to keep this book on my shelves. However, there are so many cool images that I have decided to cut this book up and use them in my journaling. Yes, I will be tearing into the pages of this book, but this way I’ll get to keep and use bits and pieces of these amazing posters for many months to come.

But if you are a poster aficionado though I suggest you collect this series of auction books. It actually took me quite awhile to read the full information, and I still skipped the bits about poster size and physical condition! It was definitely worth my time.

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