Pocket Post Power: 120 Words You Should Know by Wordnik

I did not expect to ‘enjoy’ reading a book about words I should know, but this little collection turned out to be surprisingly informative, and, I hope, useful. The fact that it only required a handful of readings to finish helped a lot.

Pocket Post Power: 120 Words You Should Know collects words that the authors feel are useful and will enhance our vocabulary. Each word is followed not only by its meaning, but also samples of it in action. The only trouble is, the majority of the samples are from the 1800s or early 1900s, making it a little tricky to imagine how they should be applied to more modern day sentence crafting. There are a smattering of more contemporary samples, but even amongst them many are quite academic and politically-inclined, and not something none would use in everyday situations.

Regardless of that, it’s still a nifty book, and I was quite pleased to come across words that I already knew, seemed familiar as well as those which I am probably crossing paths with for the first time. Including:

Words I know: chimera, hegemony, lackadaisical, nomenclature, quixotic

New ones: chicanery (which is not quite like what chicane means), hypotenuse, jejune, matitutinal, métier, obstreperous

My personal fascinating find was the word ‘pusillanimous’, which means weak, lack of courage, cowardly, etc, and it made me wonder if this was the root and origin for the use of ‘p*ssy’ to refer to cowards, as opposed to the more feminine implications most assume it to refer too. Interesting, right?

So if you’re looking to expand your vocabulary, give this collection a go. Hopefully a new word or to will embed itself into your mind!

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