Pirates of the Caribbean: Revenge of Salazar (2017)

So it seems there are two titles for this movie – Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and Revenge of Salazar. I don’t know whether it’s a regional distribution type thing or a last minute change in the name, but either way they are apparently the same movie. Javier Bardem is the bad guy this time around, playing yet another dude with crazy hair – gotta love him for that! Plus I love that Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann are back, even if oh so briefly. The movie still has the PotC fun and humour, and it’s kind of crazy to think the first one came out 14 years ago, when Orlando Bloom was still a fresh faced lad, hot off his popularity in LotR. I don’t even remember if I’ve watched all the movies in this franchise – the first and the one with Penélope Cruz I did for sure! Worth watching if you’re a fan of the series and fun, adventure type flicks. Plus, see if you can spot Paul McCartney!

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