Of Love and Other Demons by Gabriel García Márquez

I’m not sure what I think about Of Love and Other Demons. The blurb on the back cover makes the story come across as exciting and more focused than it really is, but apart from Márquez’s lovely prose, the story is confusing and didn’t grab a hold of me the way Love in the Time of Cholera did. Maybe it’s because there were no characters to root for, and the names come and go almost fleetingly that I found it difficult to remember who was who was who, except for the ones named by their title, Servia María and the ‘young’ priest, Delaura.

The theme of an older man falling in love with a younger girl is also prevalent in this book, and was Servia María really possessed or is she just a girl who was neglected by her parents who never wanted her anyway and doesn’t know any better? The question doesn’t get answered either way, even at the very end of the story. But Márquez doesn’t typically answer questions in his writing, so just enjoy the words if you choose to read this book and don’t worry too much about the story.

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