Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)

First up, can I just say that, overall, I prefered Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation better? However, the fairly extended climax of this movie was definitely by-the-edge-of-your-seat kind of awesome. And, well, Henry Cavill, even with the porn-stache, is still mighty fine.

The movie continues to be a BMW advertisement, must like its predecessor, with the occasional appearance of a Land Rover Defender. The motorbike/car chase scenes were very familiar and, honestly, the streets of Paris were far too quiet for some of the scenes to be realistic. Like the bit with the Arc du Triomphe. Either they built a set or closed down access to it because no way is that arch devoid of tourists at any time of daylight. Trust me. I’ve been there and got asked a million times by other tourists to help take their photo and that’s only a mild exaggeration.

But Mission: Impossible – Fallout is still a fun movie to watch though. It’s like a trip through Paris and London which I hope will be my next travel destination!

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