Masters of Sex, season 2-4

I really enjoyed watching Masters of Sex compared to another tv series taking place in the same era that I just finished wrapping up – Mad Men. Sex research aside, I found the story and the development of the characters and relationships interesting, and I liked the fact that it never got dark as some series tend to do after awhile. The portrayal of Bill and Virginia’s passion and anguish for each other were raw and intense, but not overly so. And I liked the fact that the series also paid focus on so many different characters and their issues without really losing sight of any of them.

However, I did feel that the series ended abruptly, perhaps due to its cancellation. The final season should have at least gone on for another episode or two, to close the door on some issues properly, especially the misunderstanding with Barton, which doesn’t get resolved due to this. I don’t know if it was some last minute decision, but the final episode did feel as if more was about to come, what with so many of the series’ characters standing at some sort of cross junction. For that I don’t blame the series, but the network surely could have given this show a better send-off.

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