Marvel’s The Punisher, season 1 & 2

When it comes to violence, Marvel’s The Punisher falls on the pretty extreme scale of the spectrum. I mean the violent scenes are well and truly gory… and it’s the good guy who is inflicting it. Thank goodness Netflix toned it down significantly in season two. This may have disappointed fans of the gore and may even be the reason for the series’ end at the end of the second season. That said, the punches continue to come, bullets continue to fly, and lots of blood still gets spilled everywhere.

I can’t say I enjoyed this series and had it not been part of the Marvel-sphere, I have no doubt that I would have skipped it. There isn’t really any crossover in terms of storyline either. Sure, Karen Page pops up a bit, but that’s about it. Her role in this series doesn’t affect her story arc anywhere else.

That was a long two seasons, and while The Punisher does have its merits, I can’t deny I’m glad it’s finally over.

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