Marvel’s The Defenders (season 1)

It’s kinda sad that there was only one coming together series of the four NYC Marvel’s heroes in the form of The Defenders. I really enjoyed watching the discovery of and interaction between the four familiar faces of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist. And also finally getting to that bit where Misty’s arm gets chopped off – I mean, I didn’t enjoy it exactly, it was more of an “Ahhh, so that’s how it happened” moment for me.

With the cancellation of so many of the Marvel’s series on Netflix, I doubt there will ever be another special event where these four heroes get together again, even if all their stories have been left hanging. Maybe Netflix will be kind and wrap it all up neatly in a bow for us in one of those Netflix movies or something, or will Disney continue where Netflix left off? (Or maybe even start anew – but it just won’t be the same, will it?)

Either way, I guess I’ll just have to move on, and savour the last season of Jessica Jones when it finally airs and I get around to watching it…

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