Marvel’s Luke Cage, season 1-2

Gosh it took me forever to finish Marvel’s Luke Cage. At least, it certainly felt like it took forever. Admittedly, the series moves a lot slower to its other live-action counterparts, but it certainly has its groove on. No doubt.

I ‘met’ Marvel’s Luke Cage in Jessica Jones, and if you’re watching things out of order you might wonder if his thread of the Hell’s Kitchen collection takes place before or after his encounter with Jessica. The answer is after. And between seasons 1 and 2 is where The Defenders takes place, although I have not seen that one yet

The Luke Cage series doesn’t actually take place in Hell’s Kitchen though. Here, it’s all about Harlem, and you can feel it in the series’ stylistics – the sound, the mood, the grooves, the beat. Heck, the show even features some class act R&B singers and rappers, including Raphael Saadiq, Faith Evans, Method Man and KRS One.

But despite the cool factor, this series does develop very slowly, taking a whole season to come to some point with other potential story paths left open. Of course, now that the show has been cancelled I guess there’s the end of that, but I do have to say that out of all enemies Luke has to deal with, Bushmaster is definitely my favourite. Aside from his determination to kill Mariah and anyone who gets in his way of doing so, he is, actually a good guy in his core – just one with too much vengeance on his mind.

Now, let’s bring on the rest of the Marvel’s series I have left, shall we?

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