Marvel’s Jessica Jones, season 1-2

Marvel’s Jessica Jones has a distinct detective film noir vibe taking place in the modern world. From the music to the narration, the way the scenes are filmed, and even Jessica’s alcoholism, pays tribute to those classic, lonesome detective movies, while also being an extremely cools series on its own. I started off by liking it, but as season two came to its end I have to say it has become my favourite of all the Hell’s Kitchen-based Marvel series so far.

We also meet a number of recurring characters that pop up in the other Hells Kitchen series, like Luke Cage, who plays a fairly significant role in the first season. There’s Danny Rand’s lawyer, Hogarth; Foggy Nelson of Nelson & Murdoch aka Daredevil, and Claire, who is, well, pretty much everywhere. I must admit though that it was a bit difficult to watch David Tennant play Kilgrave… I mean, he is The Doctor after all!

And amidst all the cancellations of the Netflix-Marvel collection, I am glad that Jessica Jones will be back for season three. The question is, what happens after? I mean, these series are nowhere near PG enough for Disney’s streaming channel!

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