Marvel’s Iron Fist, season 1-2

Well that’s the end of yet another Marvel’s series cancelled involving, well, everyone involved in The Defenders. I mean, I was so sure Daredevil was coming back having completed it so recently. The speculation is that all these series were cancelled due to Disney opening their own streaming service. Let’s hope they all make a comeback, because I’m not done with Iron Fist just yet, there’s still so much to be told and, honestly, it was just getting interesting right at the very end.

Season 1 starts light and ends pretty dark, following the progression of Danny Rand aka the Iron Fist himself. With his golden curls and hobo looks, Danny brought a fresh and innocent, if naive view to the world and its mechanics. He is far too trusting in the people who want to hurt him most, but is forced into an ever growing darkness the more he finds out about the plane crash that took his family’s life.

In season 2, the darkness still has a grip on Danny, but eventually comes to some form of balance especially when his Iron Fist gets stolen from him. Also, may I say that he looks so much better after his haircut? There’s a lot more interesting characters in this season too, although many question threads hinted at the end of the season have not been made clear. The final episode seemed to be written with season 3 in mind, but sadly, it was not to be.

Oh, and one other thing… an artefact possibly from Shambala, a hidden, mystical city in the Himalayas, plays an important role during this series. The question is – could Kun Lun be Shambala?  I came across Shambala in one of my reads last year, so it’s interesting to make some connection, even though The Explorers Guild volume 1 has no Marvel link… as far as I know.

And, hey! Iron Fist gets extra props for mentioning Kuala Lumpur during the last few minutes of the series. If it makes a comeback, maybe we’ll get to see what happened there, eh?

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