Marvel’s Daredevil, season 1-3

It was interesting watching Marvel’s Daredevil so soon after Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Both series are very different animals, even if they occupy the same Marvel-verse. They don’t overlap, so far as I can tell, and there’s no one with superpowers here except for what seems like everlasting life for those who serve the Hand.

Daredevil also has this darkness hanging over the whole series, not so much visually – except for the night scenes – and more a feeling of heaviness and dread. Maybe it’s because of Matt Murdock’s outlook on life. He’s not exactly the typical superhero kind of guy. There’s a lot of anger pent up inside him. And the series doesn’t inject doses of humour either, like S.H.I.E.L.D. Sure, there are some funny bits, mostly via sarcasm, but they don’t really stick out.

Also, and perhaps because there aren’t people with superpowers here, Daredevil is quite violent. There’s a lot of blood, punching, gruesome deaths. The primary nemesis is also an interesting character, and one can almost feel his lonely, human side. At least, until he starts politicking and the storyline gets old really fast, for me anyway. I just hope they’re done and dusted with that storyline now that season 3 is over.

And if you’re wondering, yes, Elektra does show up for a few episodes. Will she be back for more? Possibly. Now that Wilson Fisk is behind bars (again), Daredevil needs someone else to keep him on his toes.

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