Marvel’s Agent Carter, season 1-2

I was wondering if I would enjoy a Marvel’s live action series that took place in the 1940s, which is roughly when Marvel Comics actually came into being.

And you know what? I actually did.

Marvel’s Agent Carter feels like a throwback to the rise of superhero comics, which became extremely popular during World War Two, perhaps as a means of escapism, as well as hope. Agent Carter’s story is also a continuation to her character in the Captain America movies, where she played the British love interested of the captain himself, Steve Rogers.

But what I love about Marvel’s Agent Carter is her bad ass self as she pushes the boundaries of male chauvinism with her smarts, skills and bravado, and all without the need to use her feminine wiles. The rest of the cast also adds a fun flavour to this show, making it one definitely worth watching in my books.

It’s a pity that this series got the axe as well, as there is still clearly so much more to the story. I’m going to miss watching it.

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