Man Seeking Woman, season 1-3

So, if you’re looking for a seriously oddball comedy about the most basic storyline in just about every tv show out there – seeking for love – Man Seeking Woman may just be the show for you.

Jay Baruchel plays Josh Greenberg, a nerdy, awkward underachiever who really only wants one thing in life – love. And his quest for it takes him through some seriously weird situations – like, wayyyy out there weird you wonder how the creative team even came up with this sh*t weird.  I mean, it’s not your standard desperate romantic comedy, and it’s fairly no-holds-barred if I’m being honest – male (as opposed to female) butts make quite the occasional appearance. But it is its weirdness – if you can deal with it – that really makes this series. It’s the way it takes the most typical scenarios and blow it out of proportion, and sometimes even galactically so.

Curious? I’d say check one episode out to start. It’s only 20ish minutes long and at least you can say, what the fish did I just watch? But if you enjoyed it, be forewarned that the series only lasts three seasons. That’s a good call though, as I reckon it would be hard to sustain long term.

I’d also like to say that for a fairly strange series, it features some pretty famous guest actors! Including a few of the SNL alumnus. And I always thought that Jay Baruchel was on SNL, but I guess I was wrong?

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