Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)

Here we go again! The songs of Abba are back on the silver screen with Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, featuring a pretty packed cast list who all did their bit to keep the movie chugging along.

It was a fun movie, though probably not something I would watch again, and not as great as the recent musical I just watched either. But it was interesting to see the backstory of Donna and how she came to be on her little Greek island, and the not so dissimilar path Sophie has taken, although she knows exactly who the father of her baby is at least.

I do find the ending of the actual story somewhat abrupt and dissatisfying though, and that the sing-off at the end with everybody was an attempt to compensate for it. It was not a bad way to send the movie off, but the story’s end definitely could have been stronger.

If you don’t like Abba or musicals, I would advice staying clear from this movie though. But if you don’t mind a bit of either, then it’s a fairly entertaining watch if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare.

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