Mad Men, season 7

It’s my final dose of Don Draper and the rest of the Sterling Cooper clan, and I don’t really have all that much to say about it. It’s not like Mad Men was a series I looked forward to watching or particularly enjoyed, but it was interesting on a few different levels – from the whole advertising industry aspect, to the change in fashion, and, well, yeah.

Truth be told I don’t remember much of seasons 1 to 6 except for a few moments – like Peggy getting pregnant and going from being a secretary to a copywriter. Don being married to his first wife – although I don’t remember them getting divorced. One of the characters committing suicide in his office. And that’s about it. It won’t even surprise me if I inadvertently skipped a season or two here and there but I don’t really think so.

At least there were a lot of episodes leading towards the series send-off, and it wasn’t a shabby one at all, with each main character perhaps getting exactly what they wanted. Despite that, I admit, I’m so glad to be able to finally strike this show off my TV list. Toodles Mad Men!

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