MacGyver, season 1-2

I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to revisit the world of MacGyver with this remake. I mean, I grew up watching the original and it was one of my favourites. How are they going to translate his ingenious for making weapons out of paperclips in this digital age?

Also, are they really going to keep the mullet?

Sorta. But considering it’s been slated for season 3 I guess they must be doing something right.

Episode one wasn’t the most polished of episode ones. And while I don’t remember the original team of course we now have a tech geek in its midst. It was decent though, and provides a beginning to the start of the Phoenix Foundation.

It only took 3 episodes for Malaysia to come up and apparently they make a trip to Labuan, except the driver’s side is, well, wrong. We drive on the right laaaa. Got to give them props for making fun of themselves though when a character mentions he doesn’t go around making bombs out of paper clips and chewing gum.

Two seasons in and I do find the series and various characters growing on me though. The script is pretty funny and the various plots are decent.

And yes, MacGyver’s hair does get better.

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