Lust: a Traveling Art Journal of Graphic Designers by James Victore

As someone who loves journaling and dabbles in a little beginner craft journaling herself, I was hoping Lust: a Traveling Art Journal of Graphic Designers by James Victore would be a peek into the travel art journal of graphic designers. I mean, how cool would that be, right?

It turns out this book wasn’t about travel art journals but a single journal that traveled from designer to designer. That’s fine. It’s not a particularly new concept and lots of people do this already and it can make for an interesting collection of different art journal styles. But this particular journal also had a mission – it posed to the graphic designers it featured a specific scenario – what would they do if they had an unlimited budget and no restrictions for a project – their lust wish project, so to speak. This was potentially interesting.

As I went through the pages though I noticed that the list of graphic designers from ‘around the world’ really just turned out to be mostly from the US (predominantly New York), a bit of Europe, and just a tiny touch of everywhere else. And not only that, some of the designers just didn’t seem to get the memo or ignored it entirely. Some of the designers didn’t even seem remotely inspired by the journal’s concept and presented spreads that looked like bits of paper and flyers stuck together. It was, overall, I have to admit, a pretty disappointing publication, and I am glad I got it at a dirt cheap discounted price.

There were a few spreads and concepts I did like, including those by Mike Perry, Neville Brody, Wil Freeborn, Fanny LeBras, Claudia Schmauder, Sadik Karamustafa and Wang Xu. The rest though… well… let’s just say I’m not keeping this book in my collection of reads.

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