Lucifer, season 1-3

You know what sucks? Finding a new series you really enjoy and discovering it was cancelled before you could even start. And you know what doesn’t? Finding out as you’re barreling through season 3 that Netflix has picked it up. Joy! That’s the case with Lucifer, a crackingly fun ride of a show with the devil himself as the star.

Tom Ellis makes a brilliant Lucifer Morningstar, the fallen angel who’s had enough of managing hell and has decided to make a new home and life for himself in, where else, but the city of angels. He runs night club Lux, and finds himself in the crossfire when a famous friend he did a favour for gets gunned down. He wants justice, and attaches himself to Detective Chloe Decker, the one person he bafflingly can’t put his charms on. He eventually finds his way into becoming a civilian consultant for the LAPD – a role that is not unusual much like Richard Castle in, well, Castle.

While the will-they-won’t-they storyline and homicides to solve pushes the series forward, at the heart of the show is the strength of the various characters. Lucifer himself has serious daddy (and mommy) issues, and despite being devilishly charming, I love his straightforwardness, his bafflement for all things humankind, and his sincerity to only punish the guilty. Plus he openly admits to being the devil, but people just don’t believe him, somehow.

Chloe is both smart, strong and vulnerable. Detective Douche is both bad guy and good guy. Amenadiel plays the strong, silent angel-type really well. Mazikeen is the demon who loathes humanity but finds herself making friends she truly cares about. Linda is the therapist who has to frustratingly deal with Lucifer’s issues.

And not to mention a host of other recurring and guest stars who have managed to make this series ever the more interesting, like Lucifer’s mum, for instance…

I can’t wait to see what season 4 has in store, and I loved the fact that season 3 ended with Lucifer’s creator as the narrator. No, I don’t mean the Creator of the universe and all beings and all that. I mean Neil Gaiman who, well, plays (voices) ‘god’ in this episode. And yes, this series is probably blasphemous if you’re going to get all serious about it, but it’s all in good fun, and oh what fun it is.

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