Legendary Princesses of Malaysia by Raman & Emilia Yusof

I love Emilia Yusof’s illustration and it was the primary reason I purchased Legendary Princesses of Malaysia. And I thought that a book collecting the stories of these amazing characters – some mythical, some historical – would be a great addition to my bookshelf.

But I’ll be honest, the stories were not great. Granted, they’re written for children, but each one of them merely “told” readers who these princesses were, and the reason for them being legendary were almost always about the men who wanted to marry them instead of the princesses themselves. If there were no other characters to turn to, at least tell us the story of who they are and what is it that makes them the kind of princesses we can admire.

If not for Emilia’s illustration, this book would undoubtedly go in my give away pile. Her work is certainly deserving of much better writing and storytelling.

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