How to Talk to Girls at Parties (2017)

How to Talk to Girls at Parties is an undoubtedly unusual movie and one that I have no doubt some people will leave, thinking, ‘Wtf did I just watch???’. Thankfully I knew this was based on a Neil Gaiman short story, and got some tiny hints of it when it was in the making and first released. It was on my list of things to watch, but slid off my radar as things sometimes do. It took a flight to Dubai to pop it back on again.

The summary of the movie is this:

It’s the era of punks, and three boys stumble into a seemingly avant-garde cultish event thinking it was a punk rock after-party. Except the bizarre people they meet aren’t cultists. They’re ‘aliens’, for lack of a better word, with a monochromatic latex fashion sense based on their colonies. British boy meets alien girl, and they have 48 hours to make sense of the world.

The depiction of the different colonies were great, and I loved how they were portrayed – an abundance of bright neon colours compared to the drab dark colours of the local punks. And being a Gaiman fan, I loved the nod he received at the end as the movie comes to a close. It’ll only mean something to us lot, and it probably won’t matter all that much if you’re not. But I don’t know if this movie is for those who don’t like their stories a little weird,  because it is a pretty weird story. Even Nicole Kidman is far from her usual glamorous self.

Still, I enjoyed it. It was quirky, intriguing and undoubtedly Gaiman-esque. And if you’re a fan, this should definitely be on your watch list.

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