Heroes Reborn, season 1

I really enjoyed the original Heroes series, and it’s a pity it didn’t last very long. I was so into it that I would even read the add-on comic tales online. But then the writer’s strike happened, and the series, unfortunately, suffered from it. It tried to bounce back in season four, and I thought it did a good job, but unfortunately, it was a little too late and had lost a chunk of its audience by then.

While I might miss Hiro Nakamura (he was my favourite of the lot after all), Heroes Reborn introduces us to a whole new group of heroes, the only familiar face in the regular cast being Noah Bennet.

But that’s not to say there weren’t a few ‘guest stars’ along the way. It was good to see Hiro Nakamura again, all ‘grown up’. And Matt Parkman (even if he went bad). As well as René, Angela Petrelli, Mohinder Suresh and an image of the young Micah. He’s older in this series, and a different actor portrays him this time around.

Perhaps because I was a fan of the original Heroes, I found the first few episodes to be kind of dull. The characters lack chemistry, and the only compelling thing moving the show forward was Bennet’s attempt to find out why he chose to forget the incident of 13 June, but even that seemed a bit forced.

The show eventually comes together many, many episodes in as the characters settle into themselves a little better. But like the original, it was, perhaps, a little too late. The ending of season 1 even sets itself up for a continuation, but unfortunately, that just won’t happen.

There are a couple of questions that need answering, though. Like who exactly is Nathan and Malina’s father? And how come Angela Petrelli is younger again at the end of the series? While the first may forever remain unanswered, I suspect the latter may have been a plain and simple booboo.

Ah, Heroes Reborn, you tried. But it just didn’t happen.

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