Helix, season 2

It’s been a good couple of years at least since I watched season one of Helix that it took me awhile to remember what it was all about. I knew there was a deadly infectious disease, that it took place in Arctic-like conditions, and, when the theme song popped up during the first episode of season two, I remembered that too. Thankfully, I wasn’t off the mark at all, and as season two progressed, things became clearer and I was able to get with the programme.

I am not sure how far ahead season two takes place compared to its predecessor, but I do know that it primarily takes place across two periods, one in the ‘now’ (and by ‘now’ I don’t mean my present), and the other in 30 years, although the former takes up most of the airtime. Towards the final episode, we also catch a glimpse of the future future, acting as a sort of ‘conclusion’ to this short-lived show. It’s a pity it only lasted two seasons, as there are many stories that could still be told. That said, they executed this season well enough to allow for three or more decades of the virus and immortals to be storied in a mere 13 episodes.

I do have questions though. Like, what of Sarah’s baby? Actually, that really is my only question. I’ll probably forget it soon enough.

Overall, I quite enjoyed Helix. The story developed well and the reveals were timed just right. There’s only two short seasons so it doesn’t require significant commitment either. There’s enough twists without things getting overly complicating. It was good while it lasted, and as they say, it is better to have Helix-ed, than not to have Helix-ed at all.

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