Hawaii Five-0, season 5-7

It’s good to be back in Hawaii! Even if it’s via a cop show remake featuring the same classic theme song – because, let’s face it, it would not be Hawaii Five-0 otherwise! I don’t remember the original to be honest, although I probably saw a few episodes back when I was still a kid and not all that interested in following tv shows, and maybe that’s a good thing, because it allows the remake to stand on its own. For me, anyway.

The great mix of cast aside, what I like most about Hawaii Five-0 is the way it is able to have serious episodes and fun episodes without missing a beat. The dynamics of the characters (and no doubt storytellers behind the scenes) allow for a fluidity of tempo that still stays true to the series, whether it’s Dano being hauled off to prison for murder, or Max holding a grudge against a peer for ‘stealing’ a limited edition Barbie doll. The cast has great chemistry, and it worries me a bit on how Season 8 will pan out, with many core faces no longer in the line-up

Season 5 highlights

Pauly Shore and Urkel make a guest appearance! Plus the late Chris Farley’s brother really looks a lot like him. And Greg Grunberg is back too, even if only for one episode. And then there’s Jon Lovitz and Willie Garson of White Collar and SATC who makes a few fun appearances too. As well as Dog the Bounty Hunter and I’m not even kidding about that!

Season 6 highlights

Bad guy and Shin Ho’s cousin, Gabriel, seems to remain a constant theme throughout season 6. Grace is officially a teenager, and Dano discovers he has a son. Willie Garson continues to make the occasional appearance.

Season 7 highlights

This is a bitter sweet season as it marks the end of Grace Park, Daniel Dae Kim and Masi Oka’s appearance on Hawaii Five-0. At least Adam is out of prison, so we can feast on his fineness a little more often at least. Gerry finally gets his (much deserved) badge, Willie Garson is still around, and I am thankful the shows’ producers and writers decided not to kill off Max, Shin Ho and Kono, allowing them to return someday for guest appearances. Even if it doesn’t happen, the possibility is still there, and we can keep the hope alive. Sadly, Shin Ho and Kono didn’t get the send-off Max did, so I wonder how next season will start without them in play.

Until then, it’s on to the next series.

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