Hannibal (ended 2015)

Intense, dark, gory and beautifully filmed. Twisted storyline aside, I think the reason I feel so intrigued by Hannibal is the amazing cinematography. Each shot, each sequence, purposeful and detailed. The angles, the sounds, the visual effects, absolutely appeals to the film student I never was.

This is perhaps the main reason why I will miss watching Hannibal. It is not everyday you see a series pay this much attention to the beauty of its visuals, making it a key element of the whole series. Mind you, it’s not only about the imagery, though. The story is equally as strong, twisted and deep, the combination of which requires your whole and absolute attention.

I admit, this series is not for everyone – probably why it could only last three whole seasons. But if you can get into it, it’s worth experiencing the ride it takes you on.

Note: the second half of Season 3 takes you on a slightly different ride what with Hannibal turning himself in at the end of the first half. The second half brings things to a full circle of sorts, as we are introduced to the Tooth Fairy, aka the Red Dragon, also the subject of the 2002 movie of the same title. I am not sure if the storyline follows similar paths as I did not watch the movie, so if you did, let me know.

The finale of Hannibal also ends in the only way it possibly could, but I’m not letting you know how.

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