Grey’s Anatomy, season 11-13

Here’s the thing about Grey’s Anatomy – it feels boring when you’re not watching it, or watching it sporadically. But when you actually sit down and watch an entire season through, or three in my case, you remember why you started watching this series in the first place, and continue to watch it still. It’s no wonder the show has stuck around for 14 seasons.

Despite the many cast upheavals – only four of the original Grey’s Anatomy cast remains now – the show has been able to maintain a solid storyline that keeps moving. No doubt I miss the days of Cristina, O’Malley, and, more recently, Derek Shepherd, but the new people we’ve met have been great too. Jackson and April, I feel, have become even more solid characters, while Amelia is just really annoying. And if you’re not looking at the screen, DeLuca sounds a lot like Karev!

To summarise the three seasons I watched – Derek is finally dead (this was not a shocker for me as I already knew it was happening and semi-watched the episode where it happened), and I finally figured out why Callie wasn’t in the few episodes of season 13 I had semi-watched as well. Is she coming back? No idea, but at least she wasn’t killed off so there’s always a possibility. Arizona will need to see her daughter once in awhile after all.

Now bring on season 14! Oh wait… I still have a million or so shows to watch (in alphabetical order) before Grey’s Anatomy rolls around again. Maybe I’ll make an exception if the series ends or something, but knowing me, I probably wouldn’t! Let’s see how many seasons there’ll be to catch up on the next time I do watch it instead…

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