Gotham, season 1-3

Gotham, you are awesome, and definitely one of the best things I’ve watched on TV this year. If you’re completely unaware of this series, Gotham explores the origins not just of Batman, but of many of the familiar characters in this popular comic franchise, with specific focus on future Police Commissioner, Jim Gordon. Yes folks, the teenaged future Batman is NOT the series’ main star, although he does play a significant role. Besides a young Bruce Wayne and Jim Gordon, we are also introduced to future Catwoman Selina Kyle, Alfred (yes, the butler), Penguin, The Riddler, Joker (although he has yet to feature in more than a few episodes, but we can wait), Mr Freeze, Poison Ivy, Dr Strange, as well as the very cool Fish Mooney, who was created specifically for this series. And I have to say, the casting has been brilliant so far and all the actors have embodied their comic personae really well. I’m so glad to be on top and up to date on this series, although I certainly hope it won’t take me another three years before its turn rolls around again. If this series plays its cards right, it can literally go on for decades – as an origin series, the ‘as-is’ series, and finally, a what happens after series. Also did Lucius Lion of Empire get his name from Lucius Fox of Batman?

I won’t spoil it for you by telling you how the series has progressed and what has happened so far, but if you like Batman and want to know what the characters were like before they became who they are, you should definitely check this series out.

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