Girls (ended 2017)

Finally caught up with and completed the final two seasons of Girls, making this probably the most up-to-date series I’ve watched at the moment. Now that the summer break is here, hopefully this will give me a chance to catch up with at least one or two more before the seasons begin again in a month or two.

Despite the obscenities and nudity – I actually paused watching these series during Ramadhan – I really enjoyed the realness Girls brought to the tv screen. It was like the anti version of other New York based tv shows like HBO’s own Sex in the City and what was the other one… Gossip Girl, where everyone was always plucked and shiny and perfectly dressed, even if not always well-behaved. The bodies are realer here, and completely unashamed or unafraid of who they are, despite their problems and doubts that every regular person seems to face.

I’ll miss watching the show, but it also had a good run throughout its six seasons. And even though the season finale (or rather the final two episodes of this series) doesn’t sort everything out and carve happy endings for everyone, each character seems to be exactly where they are meant to be.

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