Ghastly Beyond Belief by Neil Gaiman & Kim Newman

So one would expect that a collection of science fiction quotes from books and movies would yield a few precious gems for my quote book. But, apparently, it did not. Ghastly Beyond Belief is a collection of bad, oddball, clichéd, humorous, etc quotes from sci-fi (and horror) stories from, well, pretty early on in the genre right up to the mid 80s or so. I have to admit that I have not heard of most of the titles quoted from, but there were a few I recognised and even watched, so perhaps I am not all hopeless.

That said, I did come away from the publication with two quotes, although they were from the notes penned by the authors of this collection. And it’s not a small collection either considering it clocks in at 200 pages! This is definitely one for the enthusiasts of classic sci-fi, and I have no doubt that a more modern version would be a lot more fun to read (and undoubtedly more relatable too).

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