FringeSo long Fringe, I’ve really enjoyed watching you.

For those not in the know, Fringe is a sci-fi series that is not unlike The X-Files, Haven or Warehouse 13, except it deals with parallel worlds more so than aliens or ancient artifacts. But beyond the conspiracies, cases and technology, at its heart, and, I believe, the true strength of the series, is the relationship between Walter and Peter, Peter and Olivia, Walter and Astrid, and even Gene the cow. They’re an oddball family of sorts, and I really enjoyed watching the different characters grow and develop, coming in to their own as the series grew. Plus, it’s nice to see The Mighty Ducks star all grown up!

The stories, too, have been strong and intriguing straight from the get-go. And unlike so many other series, it didn’t find itself suffering a ‘slump’ year as far as story telling goes. Fringe is also one of the very few shows whose underlying and continuous story I have thoroughly enjoyed – the creators and writers did a really good job creating little stories that seem independent of each other at first, but ended up connected to the whole somehow – a truly impressive feat. Everything gets sorted and explained in the end, and no stone is left unturned, allowing us, the viewer, to feel some sense of ‘closure’ in the final episode. Personally, though, I really would have liked to see a continuation of the series purely for selfish reasons. After all, what would life be like without Walter? Will he ever come back? And will Fringe episodes continue to occur now that the clock has been reset? And were they inspired by Watchmen when they created a parallel universe with blimps??? But the latter, I suppose, is a question meant for JJ Abrams more so than the actual series!

Perhaps, someday, someone will pick up the story where it left off, but considering actors age, whomever that person might be doesn’t have all that many years to get around to it. In the mean time, I hope another series like Fringe comes along. One that is fun, intriguing, a little funny, mysterious, thoughtful, wonderfully filmed and so much more. With many great Fringe moments to remember (a comic-fied episode, for example), here are a couple of quotes from the series I’d like to leave you with:

We gather knowledge faster than we gather wisdom. – William Bell

Walter Bishop : There’s much that is unexplained, until it is.
Peter Bishop : That means he has no idea.

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