Free Speeches by Dennis Kitchen et. al.

Free Speeches is an interesting collection of speeches for the upholding of the freedom of speech especially on behalf of the comic books industry. I read it as it came bundled along in Neil Gaiman’s humble bundle – and you know me, I’m the kind of person who has to read everything I bought or was given to me.

Gaiman’s speech was a fairly short one, but I must admit I am fairly apprehensive with this whole free speech thing. I’m all for responsible freedom of speech, be it in whatever format, but I’m not for people telling lies or rumours or harmful biased writing (antivax articles, for example), especially when passed off as fact. Furthermore, with the advent of social media, the stupid things that become popular are even more prevalent, and while there are many who have sense, there are, unfortunately, just as many who do not.

My personal feelings aside, I found the collection of speeches just ok, really. Possibly the only contribution that swayed me just a little was the speech by Frank Miller, standing up for the rights of not just those who produce good art, but those who produce bad art too, so that everyone can produce art.

But yeah, a lot of the times stupidity is made popular in the guise of free speech, but really it’s for the purposes of making money out of stupidity, isn’t it?

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