Dangit. Why did Forever have to get cancelled after just one season? Sure, it probably wouldn’t have been able to go on for very long, what with the main character being ageless and immortal, while the actor definitely isn’t. Still, it could have gone on another season or two at the very least, giving us some much needed closure while sating our curiousity as to how things will be once Jo (and hopefully Lucas) finds out he’s really immortal.

I really enjoyed Forever, and there was little of that season one settling in that plagues most new series. The cast fell into their characters quickly and comfortably, and the mysteries surrounding each episode was generally well thought out. I liked the longer-running story of Adam, and that it didn’t overtake the entire series too quickly. Plus, it had a pretty impressive list of guest actors too! Including Sherlock Holmes’ father from Elementary, which the series refers to as well, although in a fictional capacity. Seriously, they should bring this show back, even if for a shorter season to give it a proper close and send-off!

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