Feeders & Eaters and Other Stories by Neil Gaiman with Mark Buckingham

Feeders & Eaters and Other Stories is another read from Neil Gaiman’s humble bundle collection. It’s primarily a graphic novel of three short stories, plus a bit of bonus artwork on the last page.

The first and lengthiest story is “Feeders & Eaters”, which is very Gaiman-esque in story and style. The second has no copy whatsoever, and, I’ll be honest, required a second look through before I understood somewhat. While the third, is, well, a simple yet hilarious story… and is the reason a lightbulb went off in my head when I was thinking that a kid from the second story looks a lot like Pinocchio from the Fables series… that’s because it’s the same Mark Buckingham who drew them! Well, I’ll be…

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