Fearie Tales: Stories of the Grimm and Gruesome by Stephen Jones

Fearie Tales is an interesting collection of the Brothers Grimm’s fairytales revisit by contemporary authors. What makes it extra interesting is that the stories are preceded by actual Brothers Grimm fairytales – some of which I don’t remember coming across before in my 39 years so far on this earth! While some of the following stories take inspiration from the tales before them, some bear hardly any resemblance, and that’s ok. I found most of the stories intriguing, although the first, “Find My Name” by Ramsey Campbell was actually quite weak. The rest were pretty good though, thankfully, including the much too brief one by Neil Gaiman. I was also somewhat surprised that “Cinderella” bears only a generic resemblance to the Disney version. There were no pumpkins involved at all, or glass slippers! All in all it’s a pretty decent read though, especially if you’re interested in fairy tales – original ones and how they can be made new-ish again. Worth reading.

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