Fairest 5: The Clamour for Glamour by Bill Willingham et al

The Fables spin-off, Fairest, also winds itself down with the final volume, Fairest 5: The Clamour for Glamour, which takes place in between Fables 20 and 21.

Once again, despite being an off-shoot meant to focus on female Fables characters, Fairest 5 visibly focuses on two males – Reynard the Fox with a glamour spell that allows him to turn human. And that sunflower character who only really gets referred to as Mr angry sunflower kid. Goldilocks does get some 18 pages to herself at the end of the volume, although she isn’t exactly the nicest of Fables.

That said, I did enjoy the stories overall, especially that of Reynard who gets thrown out of the Farm and takes up with a mundy girl. There’s very few interactions between the Fables and mundy’s, so it was nice to see them all mixed up for once.

Even though this is the end of Fairest, it’s not quite time to say goodbye yet though, as I am apparently missing the non-numbered volume, Fairest in All the Land. I guess I’ll have to hunt that down to bring this series to a full closure.

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