Fables 22: Farewell by Bill Willingham et al

And so we bid farewell to this long running series featuring our most favourite fairytale characters. I won’t deny that I will miss reading about Snow and Bigby and their litter, of Fabletown and The Farm, of wondering if Blue will ever come back to life, and of King Ambrose and his land. But because I have spent many years reading this iconic series, I feel as if Fables 22: Farewell could have done a much better job and giving the characters the send-off they deserve.

And the main reason for this boils down to the battle that didn’t happen. I don’t mind that it ended in a treaty, but the way it got there – of Rose Red suddenly coming to some realisation thanks to the words of a stranger whose identity we never discover was far too easy. And then just like that, it was over. That’s it.

Sure, we get some glimpses into the future. How Snow and Bigby’s kids kinda turn out. Blue makes one final appearance – in the afterlife. And we learn that the world of Fables and Mundy doesn’t go on happily ever after, but as it were, with challenges, war, magic schools and whatnot. Pinocchio as President of the USA? Now that’s a story I would have liked to read.

But whatever happens next now is up to our own imagination. Oh well. I guess this is farewell after all.

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