Empire, season 1 & 2

Ok, I admit, I quite enjoyed Empire. Sure, it really is a drama bordering on soap opera – I mean, the background music score is soooooo typical of many a popular daytime soap – but it does have an excellent soundtrack. It’s nice to have something musical on tv that isn’t a musical or reality tv show, yknow? I did feel it took awhile for the characters to really grow and come into themselves. Everyone was a bit of a brat in season 1, but the kids have grown up loads in the second. The parents are still bratty though, but I guess that is what will keep the drama running. I was most impressed by Bre-Z, aka Freda Gatz. She is seriously good and you can really feel her the most when she raps. I sure hope she’ll stick around Empire for quite awhile. Bring on season 3!

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